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what is sugaring?

Sugaring is a natural and organic hair removal that is made of only sugar, lemon juice, and water. There are no chemicals, fragrance, or coloring added, making it a great option for ultra sensitive skin. It's so natural that you can even eat it. No really! Unlike traditional waxing, sugar paste is applied against the hair growth with a gloved hand at room temperature. This technique is to ensure the hair is intact and prevents breakage. Since wax hardens on the skin, it has tendency to break it off at the surface, rather than pull it out, leaving more hair breakage and ingrown hair bumps. We recommend coming in every 3-4 weeks while using the proper after care on a daily basis to keep skin smooth and healthy.

Which method of sugaring do you perform?

At SUGAR + SKIN, we use the gloved hand and ball of sugar that is applied at room temperature. We apply against the growth of hair, and gently flick in the direction of the hair for complete and full extraction. 

How do i prepare for my sugaring service?

Exfoliate at least 2-3x a week and drink lots of water. Some clients who are very sensitive to pain can take a pain reliever 30 minutes prior to their appointment time. Please do not apply any numbing cream as this can interfere with complete hair extraction.

how long does my hair need to be?

Make sure you hair is at least 1/4 inch long, or about the size of a grain of rice. Don't worry if its too long. We can always trim before the hair removal service!

what should i expect during my session?

SUGAR + SKIN is a modern, luxurious and clean studio inside Renew Med Spa. Our services are quick, but thorough while using only the best and effective products. We will walk you through each step and make you feel as comfortable as possible.

how often should i get sugared?

We recommend clients to get sugared anywhere from 3-6 weeks. Your sugarista will be able to properly evaluate your skin and hair growth in person.

Can i sugar while pregnant/ nursing?

Its always best to check in with your doctor first. Most doctors recommend this method of hair removal since its extremely safe and great for those with sensitive skin.

Can I sugar while on my menstrual cycle?

Yes you can! As long as you feel comfortable! If doing the Brazilian service, we ask that you either wear a new tampon or a menstrual cup.

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